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Sector: Government B2G and B2B projects. 

Urban economical development and companies internationalization for impact investment projects. Works, supplies and services guaranteed by the international financial institutions.


Our Goal: 

We strife to be a long term partner with the local authorities in the following industries; Homeland Security, Military Defence, Public safety, Satellite and Broadcasting Equipment, ICT Telecom, Online Health & Education, Agricultural, Water and Energy, Tourism, Infrastructure, Builders & Contractors.

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$20.000.000,- communication hub

This project concerns of a plug and play solar powered hydroponic greenhouse that purifies water, establishes communication and provides a community hub in rural areas. 

Proven to be the best option for; 

- Schools and Universities  
- Eco-tourism & residential compounds. 
- Water & energy companies 
- Agricultural companies & shops 
- Security companies
- ICT  


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Mr. Ginio Franker

President & CEO

+32(0)485 77 3608
VAT: BE 0643 702 985



We Learn, Develop, Connect & Finance
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